The sexiest Fake shoes:Christian Louboutin

Nearly 8,000 customers across America weighed in on 23 designer shoes in the online Footwear News Sexy Shoes contest. The winning pair, by French footwear designer Christian Louboutin, was revealed during a special event on October 14 at the upscale New York department store Saks Fifth Avenue.


The Parisian designer’s take on footwear has always been flamboyant, eccentric, exquisite in its unashamed luxury and couture-style finishes. But it wasn’t until two years into trading that Louboutin hit on the red lacquered underside that has made his name and brand a global phenomenon.
No, these are shoes designed with another function in mind – at once objectifying the female form, and, bizarrely, by adding impressive inches to the wearer’s height, making her feel “empowered” . Louboutins, it could be argued, are the crotchless knickers of the shoe world: devoid of practical function but loaded with aggressive-submissive intent.
Not since the arrival of the Balenciaga motorcycle bag has Hollywood seen so devoted a following for one little accessory. Christian Louboutin ‘s Differa is getting around town more than Doug Reinhardt! Check out how many celebs I’ve spotted wearing ’em, after the jump.
I knew it , and I always knew Christian Louboutin is the best brand , how do you think of it , dear friend?

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