Christian Louboutin Opens Men’s Shoe Store

The iconic red sole, the spikes and stilettos; Christian Louboutin’s shoes are probably the most coveted in the world, and inextricably linked with women and sex. In more than 20 years, Louboutin has made magic, almost alchemic, from women’ footwear. But, the French designer has also garnered a rather loyal following of men since he started his men’ range in 2011.

The Christian Louboutin stores Described as the “perfect running shoe”, they are incredibly light and feature a blown rubber forefoot, Ortholite insert, and Abzorb technology to help keep your feet comfortable.


These come in both silver blue and silver red. A nice feature are the reflective panels which help to keep you visible and safe if you ever have to run at night. This might sound odd but during winter it can be dark from pm on some days so going for a jog at night is often necessary.

Another common concern when buying a pair of Pigalles is figuring out what size to purchase. I find that the Pigalles run a pinch small. I own several Louboutin pumps and I’m always a size 35. In the Pigalles, however, I opted for a 35.5 simply because of the toe box. I have very slender feet, and while I know Louboutin pumps stretch over time, getting my toes into the 35 wasn’t happening. The half a size up gave me a pinch of relief.


There are slightly different approaches when designing for the different genders, Louboutin admits. The architecture of a heeled shoe, the woman’s curved arch make it a very different animal from the more angular, flat men’ shoes that use bigger swathes of fabric. Men’ hoes tend to require thicker leathers than women’; and some prints, he points out, work better in bigger pieces. So , would you like to buy a Christian Louboutin man shoe?


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